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Off the Island

Off the Island

Having our Head Office based in Rookley on the Isle of Wight means many of our Clients believe that we only operate within the confines of the Island; this is simply not the case.  While a large proportion of our works are based on the Island we have had, and currently have, a large number of works based accross the South Coast of the UK & beyond.

With a yard also based on the Mainland UK & a fleet of transport vehicles able to carry our plant, we have the ability to house our Plant off of the Island.  This, supported by a work force of both local labour & operatives based on the Island but willing to live & work away, means we can ensure that out projects off of the Island recieve our full commitment & maintain our high standards.

So if you feel JPC Demolition LLP fit your needs perfectly but are concerned but our proximity to your project; please do not be & feel free to discuss your concerns with us.